How To Make A Woman WANT You

Do you ever feel that if you could open up a woman’s mind you could power yourself with the knowledge of knowing just what she is thinking? It may be possible, but, mind reading isn’t what this book’s about. You are going to learn about women, and what drives women. Once you have the power to understand what they are, you will have the power to connect with nearly every woman. For most men, the physical and mental attraction to women can be overwhelming. There’s one thing that seems to separate men and women, and that is that they are different. In fact, they can seem like foreigners at times. Understanding them doesn’t take years of researching the subject matter, it basically requires that you acquaint yourself with, and recognize the two basic ways that women think differently than men.

#1 How Women Get Their Way

Many women are charismatic. However, there’s a great difference between them and us. The difference is the way they influence others. Women are not physically stronger than men. Men realize this, and some men (as well as, women) assume that women are easily intimidated. The situation then boils down to a different method used for women to get their way- to control a situation. The most commonly used method for women to get their way is through manipulating other people’s emotions. Better put- drama!
One example is when we hear we’ve “made her mad”- after she hasn’t gotten her way! Now, as a man, she’s played on your emotions, and drama is in the scene. As men, our soft spots are hit, and we step up to plate, feeling as though we take responsibility for the emotional state of the woman. We do our best (or not) to avoid “making” a woman feel insecure, pouty, angry, jealous, upset, sad, stupid and other dramatic emotional states.
When you consider it, it is almost amusing. When a woman uses drama, she can nearly win any situation between her and a man. It’s a method that works; and, a good one! Being the weaker sex, women have resorted to this method for thousands of years. Unconventional ways have long been a means for women to accomplish something as they have not only been the physically weaker sex but, also deprived of positions of authority.
Before I go much further, there is something I’d like to point out. Manipulation is a tactic that when it comes down to it, isn’t harmful to use- not even with the drama. Each of us uses manipulation to get what we want. Some individuals term it as influence or inspiration. Manipulation isn’t “force”. Manipulation can be considered a type of persuasion.
Intimidation is more often the method men use to get what they want and a more forceful method than drama. Therefore, men really don’t have to lose respect for women when they use drama to get what they want. What they can do, and what I am going to teach you, is how you can gain from this new knowledge to enhance your options to get optimal results in your interactions with women. There is no woman on earth that is “drama free”. Women love drama because it is a method that gets them what they are after. As men, we not only have the need to understand this, we need to learn how to deal with women’s drama and how not to allow them to overpower us when using it. The best thing about this is that it is what most women crave.

#2 How Women Process Attraction

If you are questioning the last statement, then it is time to look a little deeper into a woman and understand how attraction is processed by women. The first thing, which most men are completely ignorant of, is what women really want in a man.
Let’s start here. If you are dating and have been asking for advice, stop! You’ll drive yourself off the deep end. You likely have already caught onto this. This is the bottom line:
Do you feel like you go in all directions because you feel as though women have no idea of what they really want from a relationship with a man? You hear they want a “nice” man that is polite and sensitive and respects the woman like his mother. A man that knows how to care and one that is responsible, and puts the woman first. A man that floods her with compliments and one that listens and is a good friend. But then…
They choose the wrong men- they are suddenly in love with men that are selfish, unrefined, childish, and cocky, and you sit back and think: “What the hell does she see in him?”You’ve played your cards right, you’ve been kind and considerate; you’ve treated her like a lady. You are a man who has shown her respect, and how well a woman can be treated. And, where has that gotten you? You are now “one of the girls” or a “great friend”, or even worse, she has dismissed you from her life.
So, what’s with this? You were the man of every woman’s dreams. You used every tactic that could make the woman feel as though she’d found everything she was looking for, and you are in the friend zone and have the bitter reality of seeing her fall for that simply disgraceful guy.
The reason this happened is that what a woman says she wants, isn’t necessarily what she wants. The sooner you realize that what women say and what they actually want are two separate things, the better position you are in. This should not come as a surprise; most of us won’t say that we want things that are contrary to what our behaviors reflect.
Diet is a perfect example. Everyone wants to be healthy. But, not everyone eats healthy. Most people want to be rich, but not all people conserve their money. Our deeper subconscious motives drive us, and women are no different.
I am not saying this to be critical. Most of us are unaware of our true motives behind our behaviors, and most of us feel that we are true to our words when we say what we want.
If you are serious about wanting to know what attracts the woman, then don’t listen to what she says. Take a closer look at her behaviors. The sad reality is, that “jerk” has something that women like- something that attracts them. They help pump the woman’s adrenaline and make them feel safe.
In romantic relationships, excitement and security are primary emotional needs. Men that can meet this need for women have a power that others don’t. They ignite the woman’s subconscious attraction which influences her heart to take control of her mind.
Sound like a tough concept to grasp? Think of men you know that have lost their marbles over the physical attraction they have to a woman. Consider individuals that are overweight with high blood pressure and eat fast foods every day. Think of impulsive spenders that want to be rich, but, they just can’t stop spending.
Each is a prime example of how our emotional drives override our reasoning minds into submission. Now do you have a better understanding as to why “jerks” aka “bad boys” trigger that animal instinct- the subconscious attraction that draws them to exactly what they say they aren’t looking for? The first thing to understand as a “nice” man, is that women do not have an effect on these “bad boys” when they use drama. Women find this exciting, as this makes them unpredictable.
Consider this. Does the woman get any excitement out of being able to predict how a man will respond to her when she manipulates him because he is afraid of “making” her feel angry, jealous, upset, sad, stupid, insecure, and pouty or some other dramatic emotional state?
You got it… this can get pretty boring. The harsh reality of the situation is that the better looking a woman is, the more she is used to having men “fall” for this method, and having control over them. This is a situation she is fine with, as it gets her what she wants. But, these aren’t the men she dates. She tends to be drawn to the men that aren’t intimidated by drama and know how to take charge. This is where the need for safety and security exists. Consider this. Does a woman really feel secure when she has a man that she can manipulate into submission? Does this mean that the man is weak, submissive, and insecure, or confident and powerful? Most women want a man that is kind and knows how to respect a woman and treat her with love. A man that is responsible and sensitive and who treats her like she is the most important thing on earth, and to be a good friend.
The reality is that men have a tendency to be one or the other. The nice guy or the unrefined bad boy. There are few of us that are both. Unfortunately for the nice guy, the bad boy meets the woman need for excitement and safety, and the bad boy wins. After all, the nice guy is predictable.
Did you pick up on the key element in the last two paragraphs? There is a way to be every woman’s dream of a man, and it boils down to balance.
Conclusion: Work on developing the bad boy’s immunity to drama, and balance that with the manners, chivalry, and sensitivity of the nice guy, and you have become every woman’s dream

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